Quality Handcrafted European Shoes

Ella brings Europe’s most beloved shoe brands to North America.

Beautifully handcrafted shoes with a distinct European allure, transport you to the extraordinary charm of a European adventure.

You feel that spark of excitement as soon as your eyes meet an exquisite pair of handcrafted European shoes found at Ella Shoes. You know that instinctively there is something unique here. “I have to have it,” crosses your mind. You’re not certain where that voice came from but there it is.

A real shoe lover knows the feeling and the voice is part recognition of beauty and part recognition of craftsmanship. The stitch-by-stitch quality of handcrafted European shoes heightens the shoe lover’s appreciation of style, detail, and comfort.

Smell The Ingenuity Of A Crafting Room

The shoe designers playground is filled with premium fabric, suede and leather in every color imaginable.
Rub your thumb on the leather's surface to release the fragrance of quality leather in European shoes.

See the attention to detail

that can only be accomplished by hands that passionately embark on the making of the shoes by cutting exquisite patterns and delicately shaping the material over a shoe form. Notice the stitch-by-stitch handwork and the decorative details second to none on European shoes.

Hear the experienced hands of a shoemaker

nailing the heels of a shoe in place – one chosen nail at a time – and the gentle sound of a new hole being punched for laces or the subtle almost silent sound of a hand-held needle punctuating leather to bind the shoe.

Feel the love

that is poured into every European shoe. Slip into exquisite style and attention to detail with expertly thought out functional footbeds that reduce foot fatigue and absorb shock.

Real style. Real quality. Real wellness for your feet.!

-- Roy Chong creative director noodlewavemedia.com