Limited Edition Collection

Limited Edition Collection

You’re extraordinary and that’s how you want to feel when you put your best feet forward at work and at play.
The shoe’s you wear feel like an extension of you, each time you look down you’re reminded of the love that
went into its crafting and that gives you added confidence in your sense of style
and in every step going forward.

The limited edition collections at Ella Shoes are created out of the love of being extraordinary. When you buy an Ella Shoe with the Limited Edition Badge you become part of the unique story behind the design and you access the extraordinary relationship that owners, Jenny and Jorge Rodriguez, have with European shoemakers.

There are no mass produced shoes at Ella, instead Jenny and Jorge fly to countries in Europe to work in direct partnership with luxe label shoemakers so that you receive a custom designed and limited edition shoe handcrafted in small batches.

Our Relationship with Quality Craftsmanship

The extraordinary relationships with artisan shoe makers provide Ella with the flexibility to bring you
unique combinations of color, patterns, textures, and heel heights that other shoe stores
won’t have and of course you receive a shoe with impeccable details and comfort.

A Badge of Luxury

When you see the Limited Edition Badge you can expect
these shoes to have the highest quality and luxury without the over-the-moon prices.
When you try on a pair you immediately feel the attention to detail and handcrafted care in each piece.

Express Your Style with a Unique Voice

Act on your love of being extraordinary and own a custom designed and limited edition today. Once they are gone, your limited edition Ella shoes are impossible to find anywhere else.
-- Roy Chong creative director