What do Flamenco Dancers and Spanish Fiesta’s have in Common with Ella Shoes?

Flamenco dancers graced the floors of Ella Shoes for a summer celebration in the traditions of Spanish fiesta – colorful, vibrant, joyful and fun just like the new summer shoe collection at Ella. 

Dressed in vibrant colors of the rainbow, the Flamenco dancers joined VIP guests for catered food, bottomless sangria and special access to Ella Shoes. For one warm summer night, Ella’s downtown location was transformed into a fiesta.

If you’ve been to a Spanish fiesta than you know that it’s more than dancing and tapas the Spanish are known for their hospitality and celebration of zest for life.

VIP guests at this year’s event included Vancouver fashion bloggers each finding their perfect summer shoes. Whether their style is urban, romantic, sexy or classy, our fashion blogging friends Randa Salloum of The Unprecedented, Jeremy Levy of StreetScoutMe, Bree Aylwin of The Urban Umbrella and Jessica Luxe each found a treasure to fit their unique styles.

Highlighting the night was an energy-raising performance by the team at Karen Flamenco, who drew in crowds from the street as they made their way through custom choreography with a live guitar player.

“No one is more in need of beautiful shoes without sacrificing comfort than dancers,” says Jenny Rodriquez, owner of Ella Shoes with husband Jorge Rodriquez.

Flamenco is a highly expressive traditional form of dance in Spain made up of three parts – dance, song and guitar – woven together for a dynamic performance. This expressive dance uses hand clapping, lively footwork and intricate hand, arm and body movements. Flamenco is a passionate dance, the expressions and emotions of the dancers change during a single performance and guests watching the dance are drawn into the movements by emotion; it’s the perfect dance to match the heat of the season.

Summer is in full swing, so are fiestas and festivals around the world. Get your dancing shoes ready!

PS. If you’re heading to Spain (or dreaming about going to Spain), check out this guide to the best Fiesta’s in Spain.

Cheers to glasses full of Sangria clinking together in celebration of summer fun!


Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez