Walk a Mile in a Bloggers Shoes – Meet the Creative Minds Behind Street Style Blog StreetScout.Me

Like you, we look to our fashion forward community of bloggers to see their take on the fashion world. Our collaboration with street style fashion blog StreetScout.me was born out of the mutual belief that “the best fashion show is on the streets.”

You see, Ella’s fashion inspiration come’s from real people like you. We see you in our stores and we spot you on the streets expressing your uniqueness by the way you dress. We know that what you wear from head to toe is an expression of how you will feel today, and each time we bring a shoe in store we think of you.

In the month long blogging series, “Walk a Mile in the Bloggers Shoe” with Sabrina and Jeremy of StreetScout.me, Ella took an inside look at the unique styles of Jessica Luxe and The Urban Umbrella. Two blogs with different styles wearing Ella Shoes in their own unique way and sharing their journey as a fashion blogger. Now we take an inside peak from our street style experts, Sabrina and Jeremy who use their blog, StreetScout.me to bring the best of street style from Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

We love the advice that Sabrina and Jeremy share on blogging –

Be authentic, seek inspiration, and be determined – because it resonates with any goal you are trying to achieve.


What inspired you to start blogging? Give us the goods.

Sabrina: I started experimenting with street style photography when I was in university. When I met Jeremy much later on, he convinced me to take that passion onto my own blog. We were both so inspired by the street style in Montreal, so the blog very quickly became a passion project for both of us and with such different skillsets, it was clear that we would make a dynamic duo.


How has your blog changed since you first started out? Do you feel like you've taken strides?

Jeremy: Believe it or not, before working on StreetScout.Me, I had a music blog. So you can say I’ve taken big strides. The biggest stride for me was the technology. With the introduction of the iPhone and the better capability of mobile phone cameras (or what we thought was good back then), we went to the street armed with nothing but a keen attitude to capture Montreal’s most colorful characters. We didn’t mind if the photos were pixilated because we were capturing street style moments and meeting interesting people. The next upgrade was when we bought an iPad, thinking the camera would be better than the iPhone, but we were wrong. The camera was slightly worst but this didn’t stop us. Then the biggest change happened when we moved to Vancouver and decided to up our game and purchase a DSLR. Even though I had no photography training before that, it didn’t stop me from perfecting my craft using Youtube as my personal one-on-one teacher. The rest is history.


What personality or trait has helped you go further in the blogging business and climb the 'social' ranks?

Jeremy: Being an introvert was more of hindrance than a quality trait to climb the ranks. Sabrina and I really had to push each other because it was extremely uncomfortable for us to approach strangers. Putting ourselves outside our comfort zone propelled us into the blogosphere.


What's a day like in your shoes? Is blogging all fun and games like everyone says it is?

Sabrina: We have tons of fun with our blog otherwise we would have given up a long time ago. It takes a lot of hard work, determination, and dedication though. You have to constantly be thinking about production quality, editorial strategy, social media, networking, and partnership development. Sometimes we are both in front AND behind the camera, which makes it even trickier when you’re trying to perfect a shoot. Fashion weeks are also intense for us because we spend seven days straight shooting outside the shows and editing late into the night so that we can have our photos ready by the time people wake up the next morning.

What’s been the most humbling experience in your blogging career so far?

Sabrina: We recently stopped a mother and daughter duo on the streets of Vancouver and used the photos as an ode to Mother’s Day. I received a comment from the mother’s sister afterward saying that the mother and daughter were both grieving a great loss and even though StreetScout.me is a blog about fashion, it was a great pick-me-up for both of them. My heart literally melted. It made me realize that even though it’s a fashion blog, we can still touch lives. Knowing we were able to help someone even a tiny bit when they were going through a hard time makes it all worthwhile.

Jeremy: Meeting someone in the washroom at fashion week that told me we inspired them to start their own street style blog.


The business of blogging is kind of like the wild west. What is one big change you’d love to see within the industry?

Sabrina: With no rules to live by, I think there’s still a ton for both bloggers and brands to learn about the industry and how we can best work together. I’d love to see more thought leadership for both bloggers and brands so everyone can really understand how to navigate the tricky stuff.

Jeremy: I’d love to see more appreciation for the photographer’s work. There’s been so many times where our photos are used without proper credit given or our photos were altered without our permission. I think the industry needs to understand that without a photographer they wouldn’t have all this great content.


What's a word of advice you would tell someone new to the blogging game?

Sabrina: Don’t follow anyone! There’s room for everyone to explore and be successful at their passion so just stay hyper-focused. Be authentic with your readers and they will remain loyal.

Jeremy: Find inspiration, without it blogging can seem like a chore.


How would you describe your personal style? And how has it evolved since you started blogging?

Sabrina: My style has definitely become more refined over time and I’m continuously trying to edit it. Every now and then, I reach for pieces that are funky but overall I really appreciate a classic look with an edge and any pieces that make a look feel pulled together.

Jeremy: I’ve always been open to trying new things but my go-to styling choice now is anything that has to do with joggers – jean joggers, work pant joggers, joggers joggers…see where I’m going with this?


What trend do you have your eye on for spring?

Sabrina: Effortless bohemian dresses.

Jeremy: Light fabric trench coats, a perfect piece to update a rainy day look.

Why are shoes so important to your personal style and what do you look for when picking out the perfect pair?

Sabrina: Shoes not only complete a look, they also make the difference between a nice and a killer outfit. The pair you pick also says a lot about your personality, whether you are quirky, classic, or anything in between. When picking out the perfect pair, I usually go for a mix of comfort and style. I have a really hard time wearing super high heels. I just don’t understand how girls do it painlessly!

Jeremy: My mother stressed the importance of good shoes from an early age. She said not only is it important to have good quality shoes to pamper your feet, but she also said always have clean shoes as they are a sign of success. I like having a nice pair of dress shoes that I can dress up or down. Even when I don’t feel like dressing up I can put on a nice pair of loafers and dress up my joggers.


What inspired you to style your Ella shoes with this outfit?

Sabrina: I loved the subtlety of introducing a second print through my shoes and how that tied in impeccably with the black and white collar of my shirt.

Jeremy: I went with a simple clean look so I styled it with a pair of jeans and white shirt. I added some flair with the green shoes and a trendy piece (which I’ve been rocking since the early 2000’s), a folded black bandana.

As a blogger, what are the three things you can't live without?

Sabrina: Camera,a tight network, inspiration.

Jeremy: A good lens, a good camera, a big memory card.


What would be your dream collaboration for the blog?

Sabrina: Traveling the world to photograph different cultures and fashion weeks!

Jeremy: There are three photographers that I’ve always dreamed of working with: Tommy Ton, The Satorialist, and The Facehunter. I’ve collaborated with the latter so it doesn’t seem so farfetched that MAYBE one day I could work with the other two street style photographers.


We all know it's not the destination that matters…it's the journey. What do you hope to accomplish on your blogging journey?

Sabrina and Jeremy: We hope to continuously inspire people and touch lives in some shape or form. For both of us, that’s fulfilling.

Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez