New attitude

The tagline for our spring/summer collection,“New attitude,” was inspired by our store customers. Every day at Ella we work with people who want and need to buy shoes and here are just some of their many stories.

Several months ago a woman came in to our south Granville location looking for a pair of casual walking shoes. With her was a lively mutt who was happy to wander around and soak up all the attention and dog biscuits possible. While trying on several pairs of sensible options she told the wonderful story of how her dog was a rescue from the Dominican Republic and brought to Canada for a new life.

As her story progressed we showed her the shoes we knew she would love -- a pair of bright red Wonders with off-white elastic laces and Hovercraft soles. They are glove- soft, flexible and strong with running shoe comfort in a European way of style. While walking around the store in a pair of shoes that were a brand new experience for her, she came up with the idea of writing a story for children about her dog’s exciting immigration adventure. So after several moments of decision-making, 

“I’ve never had red shoes before,” she said. “I think I’ll take them and wear them now AND go home and start writing. I’ve always wanted to write a children’s book.” A happy ending for all!

The second story is equally inspiring as a young executive woman came into our store at our downtown location on Granville Street looking for shoes for work. She was in town to do a presentation at a conference. She had the perfect suit and felt confident about her material but her shoes didn’t feel right for the occasion. Eliciting a little more information we found the perfect pair to fit her brief -- gorgeous black 

Audley pumps with sturdy wrapped-elastic uppers and stacked rubber heels. These shoes are handmade, strong and very comfortable, but even more important they have an edgy fashion look that’s modern and fun. As we were winding up at the cash she said, “I know what I needed! I needed shoes that make me feel grounded!” She found them. 

We are equally inspired by our customers. Several months ago a customer needed shoes for her brand new job as a hostess in a very busy upscale downtown restaurant. She not only had to look gorgeous, walk and stand for hours but also had to assist the serving staff. We presented all our suggestions and she chose a beautiful pair of 3” heels from Pikolinos that fit perfectly. “I can walk! I can stand!” she said giving us the idea to pitch our best “working” brands to local restaurants for their staff who always have to look and feel great on the job.


With a passion for shoes and people we have many stories to tell and certainly expect many more to come!

Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez