FLUCHOS - European Style, Spanish Flavour

“Fluchos are the perfect balance of comfort, value and craftsmanship. They are one of the best known brands in Spain as they last forever, are very well made and always look new" - Jorge Rodriguez, Owner / Operator - Ella Shoes

What is first striking about Fluchos shoes is the butter-soft feel and natural grain finish of the leather. What stands out next is the beautiful stitching. No machine will ever replace the quality and luxury of handwork. Fluchos shoes signature fashion styles are classic and timeless while engineered to be as light, comfortable and durable as possible.

In terms of price and value, Fluchos are extremely competitive with “long-lasting” as their top selling feature. Fluchos are everyday shoes designed to be worn to the max!

Fluchos is a family footwear business that started in 1962 in Arnedo, La Rioja province Spain, the heart of a centuries-old shoemaking industry. With a blend of hard work, dedication, strong values and traditions honoured, Fluchos’ handmade, hand-stitched footwear has grown to become the internationally recognized brand it is today.

Women’s Fluchos shoe designs stand by their original fashion roots with classic low-heeled casual shoes, loafers and sandals while continuing to offer a wide range of their signature laced, buckled and buttoned boots. For men the formal Oxford along with the many casual styles of loafers, runners and sandals featuring the distinctive Fluchos decorative stitching, remain favourites among customers worldwide.

But what really distinguishes this premium shoe brand is their blend of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Beginning in the early 1990’s, Fluchos introduced such innovations as water-resistant and humidity-proof leather and the SOLGRIP sole offering traction on wet surfaces, water and scratch-resistance as well as flexibility in low temperatures. In 2001 Fluchos released the Anti-static line, presenting ingeniously designed soles that disperse static electricity while walking.

The year 2004 launched the Perspiration Expulsion System to follow a year later with the super steady Multiple Expansion sole. Most recently Fluchos devised the OutDry water-proof solution; a technology that features a special patented membrane engineered to seal out water while allowing sweat and steam to escape. With further development OutDry evolved to include FLC technology (Flexibility, Lightness and Comfort), OXYGEN, a highly desirable in-shoe air circulation and temperature control system as well as the latex CoolMax insoles designed to wick away moisture.

All Fluchos products use non-chrome processing and non-allergenic leathers.

By carefully looking at the sole and insole of a Fluchos shoe or boot, it is easy to identify the attention to detail and comfort that is at the forefront of their design and manufacturing. All of the above technical information is well-documented on tags and in brochures that come with every pair of Fluchos footwear.

Ella Shoes highly recommends Fluchos for those seeking footwear that is comfortable, durable, timeless and flattering to the foot, while desiring a little European flair along the way!

Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez