Pastels and Geometry, The two trends that are triumphing this season.

The two trends that are triumphing this season. Gold button put them together, the result? A collection of uniqueness and authentic shoes.

“Geometry is a trend that is catching on from the seventies and has made an appearance in our collection this season, these prints are made up of stripes, diamonds, and tribal motifs.” Mentioned the brand.

Back in the seventies, we can remind the lines and geometrical figures like dots, that was pulled out from the Pin–up style. “Fun, original and versatile”.


 The reinvention of the original bold colours into soft pastels tones, accompanied with the caring in the detailed print art on the leather that had been always a primacy to Gold Button, is, this time, developed into a fun and young collection that we are craving to have, not making it to be just a trend, but a piece of authenticity, just like art!


 The wait was worth it!

 We are loving these, enjoy!


The Ella Shoes Team.

Ixchel Spinoza
Ixchel Spinoza